Our Story

Why UV Protective Clothing?

There is something about the sun that has always energized me.I love how the sun warms my body and makes me smile. I love playing in the sun and swimming outside. Living a mile high in Denver, Colorado, I am constantly on the go with my two children, exploring this beautiful world we live in.

About 5 years ago, this former sun worshiper found that I just couldn't take the solar intensity anymore. But, I love my sports and my time in the sun and I didn't want to give it all up and stay inside.

And so began my quest to organically and naturally seek shelter from the sun while still enjoying the outdoors.

I tried numerous different rash guards and sun protective clothing, but nothing seemed to fit right or it wasn't my style. I decided that if feminine and fun sun protective clothing wasn't available on the market, I might be able to create it myself. I wanted my UV protective clothing to be multifunctional, good on land or in water, and be cute enough to be worn around town or even at night.

That was the birth of Bold Babe SPF Clothing, a company invested in offering health conscious and all natural UV protective clothing for women. We are a pro-active business, constantly creating new looks that can shield you from the sun. We are forward thinking, not just concerned about the present environmental challenges, but believe passionately about the education of generations to come

Over the past year, Bold Babe has brought all production back from abroad and we now hand make our SPF clothing in Denver, Co. It is important for us to support local businesses and create relationships in our community. Not only are we now making SPF shirts, dresses and skirts, but we also carry sun hats to shield your face from the sun.  Bold Babe now meets my original goal of naturally protecting women from the sun, from their heads right down to the toes.

It is our passion for women’s health that drives Bold Babe forward with every step in our journey. Thanks for being a Bold Babe supporter and making a health conscious and pro-active investment in your skin.