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Kate Bangs Biography
Founder and Owner, Bold Babe SPF Clothing

Kate Bangs founded Bold Babe SPF Clothing out of a desire to create health conscious UV protective clothing for women so that she, and other like-minded women, could continue to enjoy outdoor activities and pursue an active lifestyle in clothing that fits and is fashionable.   A former sun worshiper, Kate found that she could not take the intensity of the sun as she did when she was younger, but was not willing to give up tennis, swimming, hiking and more.  She began a quest to organically and naturally seek shelter from the sun while still enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  After trying rash guards and available sun protective clothing on the market she realized there was a need for feminine and fun sun protective clothing.   In addition, she wanted it to work for her – her clothing was gong to be multifunctional, good on land or in water, and cute enough to be worn around town or even at night.  With that, Bold Babe SPF Clothing was born.

Bold Babe is creating products unlike anything else on the market in Sun Protective Clothing. Each product is a work of art with fun, colorful and dynamic designs on high quality fabric, and a long lasting die process helps them last year after year.  The pieces are multi-functional, can be worn for tennis, golf, swimming, kayaking, hiking, surfing or even just around town. Kate has realized her vision and continues to expand her line based upon input from customers.   With a background in education and psychology, she observes and listens to her customers and integrates their feedback and needs into new designs while remaining true to Bold Babe’s core purpose.  The cycling line is a direct result of this process. 

Colorado is home to many entrepreneurs and Kate has taken some early learning in outsourcing as a call to bring Bold Babe home for manufacturing.  In 2015, Bold Babe proudly became a Colorado Made company through research, trial and error and the development of a Bold Babe team that includes: Lauren Kemp (from Design Incubator in downtown Denver), Finger Rock Outfitters, and Stylax.

As with many entrepreneurs, the business is an all-hands in family affair.  When Bold Babe shows up at an event, Kate’s husband and children are there for labor and support.   Kate recognizes the sacrifices and commitment her family has made and dedicates herself to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.  Kate’s personal experiences have shaped her company’s formation and growth, and continue to guide her daily.  Thinking about her daughter and her generations need to deal with and respond to global warming and the growing intensity of the sun, she is dedicated to helping a younger generation of women understand the dangerous and lasting effects of the sun on their bodies and health.

To succeed in any new business, there is a necessity to be flexible and go with the flow. There have been so many bumps along the road, the capacity to learn from your mistakes is essential and capitalize on those mistakes to push forward. My inspirations and passions grow from my desire to help women lead healthier lives and protect themselves from the sun.”  - Kate